Fixed-rate emergency loans from Shoreline Finance: The answer to life's unexpected curveballs and fender benders.

Emergency Loans: Because Sometimes, Life Happens

Unexpected complications with your home, personal health or valuables? Emergency loans through Shoreline Finance are here to help ease those burdens.

Home Repairs

Home sweet home can sometimes seem like a person’s worst nightmare when unplanned repairs come to light. Expensive and inconvenient, repairs can take up more money than people have set aside.

Medical or Health Bills

After major/minor surgery, the last thing you want is to have to deal with outstanding balances with a hospital or doctor’s office. Shoreline Finance is here to help.

Auto Repairs

Your car breaking down unexpectedly prevents you from getting to work or running errands. Having to replace alternators, brakes or your car engine can get pricy fast–not to mention the labor!

Lost Valuables

Had a family heirloom stolen? Or did you lose your cell phone while on vacation. What can be done now? Emergency loans can help you take the next step to replacing the valuable items in your life.

Emergency Loans Help You Rest Easier

With an emergency loan from Shoreline Finance, you gain flexibility. Whether you choose a 24-month payment plan or a 60-month payment plan, our emergency loans put you back in control of your finances.

Your circumstances, timing and lifestyle are unique. Shoreline Finance professionals can help you get the loan you need with terms best suited to your situation.

Shoreline Finance: Personal Loans Made Personal.

  • No hidden fees
  • Consistent monthly payments
  • Fixed interest rates from 9.95%–36.00% APR
  • Deposit funds into your bank account
  • Funds as soon as next business day ‡

Personal Loans, Competitive Rates — Learn How Easy It Can Be!

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